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Healthful, a marketplace for clients and merchants with integrated functionality to support all aspect of client management in a uniform platform.

The project was built as a web application in React, Next.js and a scalable Python backend.

How do you build a user-centric platform that challenges status quo? Ask Healthful, a marketplace focused on bringing clients and merchants together in one universal healthcare universe.

We helped Healthful build a scalable marketplace.


Our RoleDevelopment

We helped make personal health sexy again.

Web development Frontend Backend Integrations Payment Next.js Python


HATO Medical

HATO Medical Technologies are built on dreams. We helped realise the dreams by supporting the development of a Unity-driven application on top of multiple machine learning models built in Python and various frameworks.

The backend was served in Go through an highly scalable Google Cloud cluster.

Is it possible to predict cardiac arrests just by looking at an ECG?

We believe so and supported HATO in building a next-generation healthcare platform capable of providing real-time analytics to doctors and cardiologists alike.

Our RoleTech Lead

Saving lives with artificial intelligence and technology

App development Unity Backend Machine Learning Pandas Python

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Clobotics A/S

Clobotics deliver smart analytics for commercial driving robots within the wind-energy industry. We supported their journey with technical development of platforms, machine learning models and interim CTO-advisory.

Learn how we can help your organisation achieve high growth through technology innovation.

Imagine being able to inspect wind turbine remotely and use artificial intelligence to find issues that affect production capabilities.

That’s exactly how we helped Clobotics achieve higher ROI, lower maintenance costs and overall better business performance.


Our RoleInterim CTO / Development

Using computer vision and AI for automatic fault detection

Computer vision Python Integrations Machine learning Backend Frontend Python

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